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did u just call me a member of the “hornline” I prefer boogie woogie bugle boy thank u

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The Cavaliers 2002 - Frameworks - 99.150

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Eating, Sleeping, and Bathing are for people who don’t practice!

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With a two hour bus ride that was so very bumpy, I still had a good game. I videoed most of the time.
I had to run to and then from our warm up arc to the stands to give my mom someone’s music. Then run back. Then run back to get bug spray. Ran back.
Ran back again to get another bottle from the cheerleaders. Ran back. While going down the line and spraying everyone down really fast.
Then performed.
Yup. Too much.
I really do love my section and band. I feel like I do a lot. Which I’m proud of. Always the last one to leave everything to make sure everything is okay and done. I have to take good care of my babies! They make me proud.
And no matter how tired I am, I would do anything anyone needs. Promise.
I’m proud to be in my band.
So thank you (to those band members who follow me hah)

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