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speckeltail asked: Jazz Runs :P


Jazz Runs: What is the most memorable story you have about the color guard?

Well my little sister is in the guard.
And last year was her first year. Before we performed for the second time for exhibition for Showcase that day, we were all getting ready to go down through the tunnel. And for some reason the color guard was in a circle singing the national anthem. (Weirdos)
Well my sister is not a very emotional person. She came up to me, hugged me, and said good luck.
I cried. Hah. So much.

Marching Band Ask

8 to 5:What's the hardest drill set you've ever had?
Straight Leg:How much of your freshman show did you actually play and march?
Bicycle Step:What's the biggest mistake you've ever made on the field?
Crap Step:Has your band ever had a percussion feature? What was your favorite part?
Jazz Runs:What is the most memorable story you have about the color guard?
Parade Rest:Which competition was your favorite?
Body Work:What is the coolest visual in your show?
Mark-Time:Who's the best marcher in your section?
Home Hash:Do you have a field judge story? How does it go?
Home Sideline:What is your favorite stands/pep tune?
Visitor Hash:Of all the band that you've met, which one was the nicest and why?
Visitor Sideline:Which one was the rudest and why?
Stands/Bleachers:Rate your stands dancing on a scale of 1 to 10.
Goal line:What is the most memorable game you've had?




The most attractive color guard to ever step on a field.

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"No one will fall in love with you if you cant play your scales at 180"

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1992 Velvet Knights: Magical Mystery Tour - Part III

VK’s last finals appearance, placing 10th at 86.6

GE at it’s finest

Reasons why VK, along with Sky Ryder’s and Bridgemen will always be some of my favorites.

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reblog if you’re in marching band

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DCI2014: The Year of Change. 

click on photo to view larger. 

Its so great to see Louisiana Stars on here c:

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Thoughts of a marcher preparing to perform

But what if the band ISN'T ready?
Oh shit, I have to pee
Is my shako on straight?
I wish I was drum major
... No I don't
God, please make us not suck
Don't fuck up. Don't fuck up. Don't fuck up, Don't fuck up.
These band moms are out of control
Where do they find these announcers?
That's NOT the name of our hometown.
Dammit, Tyrone!
What... what... I.... okay...
Look at me. Just look at me. I'm so fabulous. You'd tap it. C'mon.
I just wanna go home, man
Standing at attention - you're doing it wrong.
That judge looks so high right now
What if I trip
What if I get hit in the face with a rifle
What if I get run over by bass drum 5 again
What if my pants rip
What if I fuck up that visual
What if I drop my instrument
What if I squeak
Holy shit, I'm so scared right now
What if everybody just started twerking... I want to twerk so bad now...
Focus, dammit, FOCUS.
I'm an idiot.
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