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Crossmen 2014 Uniform Phone Case



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Clarinet player:I hate how we have to cut off the tips of our gloves, we look like sleazy burglars
Me:don't worry girl, the only thing we'll be stealing is first place
Anonymous asked: My mom said my anaconda can't.


I am terribly sorry. :c


Guys! Please help Stars out.
They did so great this year! And definitely still need help to continue their amazing work.

I’m hoping to join them in 2015 so it would mean a lot to me.

It really is no cost and three or less texts a day.

Please help out Louisiana Stars!

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My anaconda don’t want none unless you got duts hun

Seeing people have fun while I’m practicing



Me:*currently playing an instrument*
Me:*raises eyebrows in acknowledgment*




Remember when my band director thought this was so hilarious that he made us re-create it? I was in band and on pomline and my boyfriend was in band and on the football team and the drum major was my super morman friend. yeah. good times. lol

Your director is my hero.

Funny story:


One of the trumpet section’s visuals in Animal Farm. We called it the Human Centipede.

Photo creds to the BAC Facebook page and drumcorpsfan

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Anonymous asked: I saw y'all at Bandboree, y'all's show looked really neat! Keep up the good work!!:)


Thank you so so so so so much!!! :D

clarinetphello asked: Is your band involved with Bands of America? I'm possibly going to be working at the BOA-Denton event at the University of North Texas. The event is usually staffed by members of the UNT Green Brigade, but someone else has to staff while they're warming up and performing for exhibition, so the alumni get a chance to be involved!


We are not, unfortunately :/

Thats great though :3

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